Yoga studio in Crans-Montana


YOGA CHIC provides free of charge Lululemon quality products (beautiful mats, small yoga equipment including props, bands …) but you can bring your own mat, a small towel and a bottle of water if you want.
Come mostly with an empty stomach (or almost) and in a good mood!

Be cosy in comfortable clothes, not too loose fitting sportswear so the teacher can easily control your alignment in the postures.
The practice of yoga is done barefoot in the studio (Yoga Shala), but you can wear non-slip socks in winter.
You do not feel well today …? … Take it easy because no one is watching you and there is no competition in yoga.

All classes not mentioned “Advanced / Advanced” are open to all. The best is to try if a style of yoga suits you. The teacher’s choice is also important because everyone has their own teaching style and personality.
If you are new to yoga, try it out; the important thing is to feel good and to enjoy the present moment and the next class. At any time you can take a break (pose of the child or Savasana) nobody will judge you because you are there for yourself.

Please take off your shoes as soon as you enter the studio and store them in the space provided.
In winter the snow stays outside and the ski boots also …
The rest of your belongings can be safely in the shala room, we also close the studio during the course. Feel like home …

If you are new to YOGA CHIC or if the teacher is new to you, then tell him about your health problems or injuries, operations, movement limitations etc … before class.
It will be easier to offer you posture adjustments

When the previous class ends, we speak in the lounge in a low voice so as not to disturb, we particularly respect the moment of relaxation (so-called “Savasana” pose) of the end of a course.
We thank you for putting your mobiles and tablets on silent or off mode.

No food, glass of tea, coffee or water in the shala room.

Thank you to arrive at least 5 minutes before the beginning of your lesson, better still 15 to 20 minutes before for a quiet installation and find yourself between friends.

If you intend to attend to YOGA CHIC class for the first time, please arrive 15 minutes earlier to fill the registration form before you settle in.
If you are delayed, then please announce your delay by phone not to find a closed door. We close the studio door during classes for your peace of mind.

In case of cancellation 2 1/2 hours before the course, it will not be deducted from your subscription. Below 2 1/2 hours or in case of absence, the course will be charged.

Everyone can register online or by email. When you first visit the studio, the registration form and health must be signed at the reception before access to the course.

It is better to reserve your spot by internet before the course. For this reason, please book only the courses you really intend to attend to because they are counted from your pass.
If you are not pre-registered on our website or MindBodyonline, we will ask you to pay for your course and sign the form before.

Drop in are welcome, that is to say last minute visits are welcome but subject to capacity.

More questions?

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ answers the most frequently asked questions, but maybe you have other questions to ask about our courses!
The most relevant will complete this section.

Come visit us spontaneously because nothing beats the ‘face to face’ and the pleasure of meeting each other.

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