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Tai Chi teacher for many years, Jean-Marc runs the “snow garden” in Crans-Montana, which welcomes children from three to seven years for ski lessons, as part of the Swiss ski school from Crans-Montana (Arnouva, 300 m above the Yoga Chic studio).

After practicing various martial arts in his youth such as boxing, full-contact, taekwondo and karate, Jean-Marc came to Tai Chi after witnessing a dramatic improvement in the health of a person close to him.
He learned Tai Chi in Greece, especially from Tew Bunnag, a renowned European teacher (ESTCC), who taught him the Tai-chi style called “Yang” but also the qi-gong, which are both sporty and better to be, tien-siao, wu-shu and some forms of meditation and care.

Jean-Marc adapts his sessions, mixing the techniques of relaxation, concentration and breathing, according to the needs and age of his students.



Tai chi teacher

Tai Chi, Yang styleCourse in French, German, English, Spanish or Italian.

5 years as a Tai Chi teacher
30 years of Tai Chi practice

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