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Therapeutic Massages

From December 2018, we are offering relaxing massages (back of neck ..) on massage chair in our studio by appointment.

Our physiotherapist, who is also a Yoga teacher, practices a sports massage or relaxation massage but also lymphatic drainages.

By appointment only.


Classes are 25 or 50 minutes long. By appointment only.

Book your massage directly online, by phone at:

ou by email at :


Therapeutic massage I

Warm Almond Oil Massage
Sun, cold or limescale in tap water can dry skin and warm almond oil will nourish and hydrate your skin.
Sweet almond oil is known to be very nourishing. The sweet almond oil helps to fight against the aging of the skin, improves its barrier function as well as its microcirculation, protects it against the action of UV and softens it. Similarly, it helps to rebuild its lipid film, has antiviral, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Finally, it improves digestive and intestinal functions and helps fight against bad cholesterol.

Massage of the head and feet
Let yourself be surprised by this fabulous massage, hands, feet, head and face.
This massage from head to toe is pure happiness. It varies different techniques to allow a complete escape, without massaging the whole body. This reflex and nerve massage will relieve the whole body and ensure relaxation and rest.

Therapeutic massage II

Thai Massage or Lazy Yogi Massage (Nuad Bo’Rarn)
Inspired by Yoga, this massage is practiced elongated, dressed in soft clothing. It consists of concatenations, gentle stretching, mobilisations, pressures on particular points of the meridians.
The benefits of this massage are immediate: it releases muscle tension, circulates blood, energy … A Thai massage to replace your yoga session, what do you think?

Deep Tissue Massage
A set of specific techniques of deep massage. Slowly and with a great depth of action on the muscles and deep tissue, this massage relaxes tension and reduces pain and inflammation, so that the muscles regain their flexibility. It is ideal for athletes, but also for people who suffer from chronic pain.
This approach is particularly effective for chronic stress and contracture-prone areas (neck, shoulders, lower back).

Whatever your sport, this massage focuses on the muscles required to recover faster after training.
It improves your hobbies by increasing circulation and strengthening your immune system in general.

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